Pilot Information and Airport Procedures


  • Pattern altitude is 1900' MSL (1000' AGL). Left hand traffic.
  • Use as steep of an approach as safe and practical on final.
  • Use caution for vehicles on Division street.
  • Maintain altitude to touch down past the displaced threshold if landing on runway 27.
  • Low approaches (buzzing) is prohibited.


Departing Runway 27, turn left as soon as is practical and safe (approximate heading 235°) to avoid overflying housing areas and Intermediate School.

Departing Runway 09, do not turn left until over industrial park.

Use as steep of a climb out on departure as safe and practical.

It is recommended to arrive or depart inside the red outline area shown on the chart below.

Remain below the class C airspace (2300' MSL). As a courtesy, contact Madison Approach on 135.45 for traffic advisories.

For IFR departures, contact Madison Approach at 608-244-5692 to obtain your IFR clearance on the ground. If possible, it is recommended to depart VFR, and pick up your IFR clearance once airborne.

Runway 27 Arrival


Runway 27 Departure

Runway 27 Departure - 235

Runway 09 Departure

Runway 09 Departure - East

Recommended Arrival and Departure Airspace

6P3 Airspace


Night operations are discouraged, unless the pilot is very familiar with the airport.

Night landings should be made on 27, unless wind conditions dictate landing on 09.


The turf parallel to the south side of the paved runway is maintained as a turf runway for soft field operations.


Waunakee Airpark is operated by volunteers. Snow may not be immediately cleared following a weather event. Please call for runway condition reports.


100LL and UL94 are available at competitive prices. For more information, and to obtain a fuel key, please contact us.